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BangShift.com Iron Trap Garage: Building Simple Flat Floor Pans For George’s 1930 Model A Pickup!!

Sometimes helping friends with their projects is just as satisfying as getting work done on your own, which is one of the things that makes hot rodding so much fun. We love the fact that Matt and the gang are always helping out friends and this week it’s time to help their buddy George get his flat floors going in his Model A pickup. We totally approve of this project and can’t wait to see it come to fruition.

Video Description:

Our good friend George has been building a 1930 Ford Model A Pickup for a few years, and he has been stuck at the point of building floors. Matt offered up the shop and his skills to help get George going on his project again. This Pickup is getting super simple 16 gauge flat floor pans that will be strong, and not require a lot of extra fabrication work!!

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