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BangShift.com Inspired By A Video Game, This Dude Built A Tank For His Son! Dad Of The Year!

We’ve featured a few “Meanwhile in the Garage” videos over the years and this one here is something special. Inspired by the game World of Tanks he decided that his son needed one he could actually get in and drive. I can’t say I have ever been inspired by a video game, but if he is that’s cool with me because tanks are rad. This one is interesting and the parts and pieces used are nothing special. There is a lot of planning that went into this thing I’m sure, but it could pretty easily be duplicated at home by some of you. I think it would be fun.

So grab a drink and a snack, cause for the next hour or so you are going to be in awe of what goes into making this a real live running and driving tank that can run over stuff. I’d be so tempted to drive it to school and stuff if I was his kid!

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