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BangShift.com How To Sharpen Your Tungsten For Better TIG Welds: Tips, Tricks, And Tools!

There is so much information online nowadays that regardless of what you are trying to figure out you can sometimes be overwhelmed. Factor in all the opinions that people have on any given subject and knowing what to do can be tricky. Lucky for you, we know that there are some really smart people out there that can help and one of them is Pacific Arc TIG Welding. In this installment on tungsten, a key element to TIG welding, they are going to talk about opinions, talk about prepping tungsten correctly, and help you be a better welder.

In addition, we’ve got Eastwoods new cordless tungsten grinder to show you. This just might be the ultimate tungsten grinder for those of you who want something dedicated to the task. I’ve never had a dedicated tungsten grinder, but I can tell you that this one is pretty cool and makes me want one!


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