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BangShift.com How Good Is Milwaukee’s New 2023 High-Speed Ratchet vs The Old Model And Other Affordable Options


Cordless ratchets just keep getting better and better! In this video from the Torque Test Channel, the new High-Speed Extended Ratchet from Milwaukee is a badass, but it’s more expensive than the old model. So how much better is it? Is it a lot better? Any better? As you would expect, testing facilities at the Torque Test Channel will tell you the truth about how they perform compared to the specs on the box.

Check it out.

Video Description:

Today our new Milwaukee M12 2569 High-Speed Extended Ratchet order finally shows up so we take it for a spin vs the previous M12 extended model and the best-selling cordless ratchet on Amazon, the Kimo, as well.


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