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BangShift.com Halfass Kustoms 1955 Chevrolet NAPCO 4×4 Project: Custom Dual Exhaust, And A Test Drive Even Though It’s Not Done Yet!


In this latest installment of the NAPCO Clone build, Brent has exhaust going in and some buttoning up of a couple things before a test drive. It’s not finished for sure, but it might be done enough to make a little test drive down the dirt road. If you have missed any of the previous installments on this build, use the link below!

NAPCO was a company that built 4-wheel drive conversion parts for domestic trucks and was founded in 1918. Although they made parts for Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Studebaker trucks, they are most well known for building parts for Chevrolet and GMC trucks. Starting in 1942 they offered full conversion kits that you could buy and have delivered so that you, or your local dealer, could do the conversion. In 1956 GM actually offered NAPCO conversion from the factory so you could order it and pick one up at your dealership. They are fairly rare to find now as many lived rough lives, but lots of folks want them. One such person is Brent from Halfass Kustoms who doesn’t care about having a real one, just something that looks like one but works better. Here’s what he’s going to do.

He’s got a 1955 Chevrolet pickup that he is going to swap to a fleetside bed, swap it onto another chassis, and then make it into a nice driver that has the right look and feel. It’s not that Brent doesn’t already have good trucks, but none of them are a handy single cab and that means this one is going to fit the bill and be useful.



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