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BangShift.com decision at daytona

Why is that Chevy wagon dragging ass? Because it has been loaded with 1,700lbs of oranges and grapefruits from a Florida citrus grove, naturally. This is but one of the absolutely hilarious and awesome moments contained in this 1963 Chevy promotional film that tests virtually every model in the Chevy lineup from the Chevy II all the way up to two ton trucks against its rivals, mostly from Ford. The tests range from the genius (see fruit laden wagon) to the ridiculous (wait until you see how they test the strength of body panels with a truck and a coconut tree) but it is super entertaining over the entire length of the 30 minute film. This is literally work spending your lunch time on today. Yes, it is 100% slanted for the Chevrolets to win every contest, but that’s not the point of why we’re showing you. We want you to watch it because it’ll crack you up to see the lengths that Chevrolet was going to show up Ford and how disparaging some of the language used was toward the blue oval brand. This is like WWE levels of over the top. Here are some examples –

The first test we see is of the Chevy II taking on a host of competitors from Ford, Chrysler, and other makes. They call this a “hurdle” race  and it shows the cars streaking down Daytona beach going over small jumps. What does this prove? Who knows.

Picture 21

Moving on to station wagons, three popular models are loaded up with 1,700lbs of fruit and then the gas pedals are “floor boarded” on the beach to test acceleration –

Picture 22

Our old friend the Econoline truck that was shown to be a stoppie machine in a 1959 Chevy video? Oh, they’re not done with that point yet. 

Picture 12


They even “test” the medium duty 2-ton truck offerings from Ford and Chevy! Test is a too formal description. They drive the Ford into a building. 

Picture 13

Bulldozing a Corvair off of a 450 foot “sand mountain” to see how many times it will roll over and what it will look like? Sure, what the hell!

Picture 15


There are a BUNCH of drag race tests, handling tests, and other things we’re not showing you here that are in the video. You’re never going to guess who wins them all, sometimes by a razor thin margin  and sometimes by a slighter wider mark –

Picture 19

These stills show about half of the tests in the film. This is an awesome watch from front to back. Hey, there is even 1960s swamp buggy footage included!


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