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BangShift.com Casey’s Customs 1965 Mustang Chassis Swap Part 13: Finishing The Flares, Getting The Front Spoiler Installed, And Starting On Glass!

In this update video from the Mustang Chassis Swap build, you are going to see some finish work going on with the flares as this Mustang chassis swap gets further and further along. In addition to the flares, there is some front end work going on including the front spoiler and valance, and then there’s even some headway on getting the glass in the car.

While the two of them are close in size in some ways, the front of the car had to be widened a bit, the fenders and wheel openings moved around quite a bit, and even more massaging was done just to fit the wheels on this beast. If you haven’t been watching this series with us, then you can click the link below to catch up.

Casey is back at it again! He’s got an ultra-cheap 1965 Mustang from some dude that thought it was beyond repair. Sure it’s rough, but once you cut all the crap out of it you find that what is left will totally work if you chassis swap it and that’s exactly what Casey is going to do right here. But to do that you first have to cut some stuff up.


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