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BangShift.com Building Bomber Seats Out Of Old Road Signs For A Model T Hot Rod

Brent at Halfass Kustoms doesn’t always do things the way everyone else does, but he sure ends up with cool stuff and builds cars and trucks at a pace I still find mind-boggling sometimes. In this episode he’s showing how some old street signs that he bought at a garage sale are going to become some bomber seats for his latest project. This Model T build is one that he’s doing to get running and driving with the hardest work done so that someone can buy it and drive it while finishing it the way they want. I dig this project because of the fact that some new hot rodder might get into it, or someone that has never really started a project before and has always just bought finished cars. Regardless, it is going to be cool I’m sure.

Because this project is being built from spare parts, junk he’s got lying around and whatever he can find, there isn’t anything fancy but it does have the right stance and the right look. Let us know what you think of the seats. They aren’t fancy, but they are kind of cool.

Check it out.


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