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BangShift.com Building An Old School Manx Style Dune Buggy But Bigger So It Seats 5!


The Meyer’s Manx was the Dune Buggy that changed the world. It came out originally in 1964 and used a donor VW Beetle underneath the Manx fiberglass body. They were cute, capable, and fun, and they are awesome. To this day, anyone that sees one has to smile. They are just too iconic. Even people that don’t know their name still know the look. The problem with them is that the original Manx is a two-seat buggy and Hellmuth’s Hot Rods and Fabricating wants a 5-seater. So what’s a guy to do?

The answer is the take a Manx style body and throw it on a VW pan and then start cutting things to make it longer and wider so it ends up  as big as you want. What could possibly go wrong?

Check it out.

Video Description:

With a 73 beetle chassis, we put on a short buggy body, stretch it, widen it, and build a wild roll cage under the skin.


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