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BangShift.com Building A Mobile Drill Press Table, And Bead Rolling The Bed Of The Comanche Project With Big Tire Garage

Ian is back at it! This time he’s working on two projects. One is the Comanche build, and the other is a tool build. Yep, he’s modifying shop equipment which we totally approve of. This particular modification is actually building a mobile drill press table so that the tool doesn’t have to live in just one place in the shop. Sometimes something like this can’ be a great way to be more productive by bringing the tool to the area you are working in. Other times it can be used to save space.

Items like the drill press, sheet metal brake, shrinker stretcher, bead roller, etc take up not on the space that their footprint fills, but also enough room to move around them and use them properly. But if you don’t have enough room for all that, then putting wheels under them and fitting them tight in a corner of your shop will save you tons of space as you pull a tool out whenever you actually need it. Then you can roll it to the middle of your garage and work on it comfortably.

Check out Ian’s mods, and the fun work he’s doing with the bead roller by clicking play below.

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