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BangShift.com Budget Harbor Freight Off-Road Trailer Build Part 6: Side Table, Tire Carrier, And More

This project is moving right along and looking cooler all the time. Building a spare tire carrier for you off-road rig is hard enough, but how do you make sure it’s right on an expedition trailer like this one? Check it out.

The Harbor Freight overland off-road trailer build continues. I dig builds like this and I’m sure you will too. As we’ve said before, it is good inspiration for your own drag and drive or custom trailer build. This one is ultra heavy duty and up to the challenges of off-roading, but small enough to drag around on the trails with you too. Check it out.

Video Description:

Today on Dirt Lifestyle we are continuing our Harbor Freight overland trailer! I want to build a beefy tire carrier that is strong enough to carry our spare fuel as well. Then, lets iron out the final details on our integrated table. I have some ideas, let’s see if they work!

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