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BangShift.com Budget Harbor Freight Off-Road Trailer Build Part 4 & 5: Adding Lots More Strength And Killer Fenders

The Harbor Freight overland off-road trailer build continues. I dig builds like this and I’m sure you will too. As we’ve said before, it is good inspiration for your own drag and drive or custom trailer build. This one is ultra heavy duty and up to the challenges of off-roading, but small enough to drag around on the trails with you too. Check it out.

Video Description:

A continuation of our Harbor Freight Overland Trailer! This has been a fun series so far and this episode is no different. We finally get some walls on our budget overland trailer as well as add some structure inside. She is going to be heavy but durable and I think over all this will still be super affordable compared to what else is available in the overland trailer market.

Today we are getting back to the Budget Harbor Freight overland trailer! The next step is a set of DIY tube fenders that need to be super durable. These took a ton of time to get right but I really like the way they turned out! I think they added a lot of character to this trailer and will be a very important tool on the trail. What do you think? Do you like tube fenders or are my tastes starting to become a little dated? lol Slowly but surely, we are marching forward to a completed trailer!

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