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BangShift.com Borgeson Quick Ratio C10 Steering Box Installs In A 1967-1987 GM Truck

Classic GM trucks are hotter these days than the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl was during the 1980s and one of the things more and more people are doing with them is improving not just straight line performance but handling as well. When you make a truck ride better, sit better, you also want it to steer better, right? Right. That’s why the team at Borgeson has developed their direct replacement Quick Ratio box for C10 trucks.

They offer them for earlier 1960s trucks and the most popular current generations from the 1967-1987 model year as well. This box takes the steering ratio from the slow 17:1 factory installed speed to a much more fun 12.7:1 ratio found in many GM performance cars over the years. It is a direct bolt-in replacement and one that any C10 owner should look into.

Not only will it make the truck more responsive and fun to drive, it will also get rid of a box that has undoubtedly worn over the 50 or so years your truck has been on the road. You can make your rig look like an old farm truck but don’t have it steer like one!

Check out the install of the box right here –

Hit the image below to check out this story on a Borgeson quick ratio C10 box install –

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