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BangShift.com Bonneville Speed Week Saturday Night At The Nuggett

Bonneville Speed Week Saturday Night At The Nuggett

Bonneville Speed Week Saturday Night At The Nuggett

Here’s our gallery from Bonneville, with some of the cool stuff that hung out on Saturday night at the Nugget.

(Photos by Wes Allison) Every year, Bonneville Speed Week is kicked off with the Wendover Nevada Nugget Car Show, and anyone and everyone is there to hang out, check out cool cars, and enjoy a few adult beverages. No Bonneville Speed Week is really complete without the Nugget Car Show that kicks off Friday night and gets HUGE on Saturday night. It is THE place to see and be seen and everyone is there even if they have only come to Bonneville for the first few days of Speed Week. It’s a great place to enjoy a beer or several, with service from the Nugget Casino and a bunch of really bitchin rides all around it. And everyone is on hand telling stories of the first full day of Speed Week and it just can’t be explained unless you go. But we’ve got all the photos and have split them into three galleries of the Friday Nugget Show. And if you haven’t seen our other galleries, click the link below to see them all.

This year Bonneville’s salt conditions are going to be the talk of the town, with only two courses set up rather than the three or four that have become the norm in recent years. To make matters even more interesting there has been big rain that started Friday night and went through Saturday and that means the start of racing has been delayed. We still have photos from Friday both at the Nugget show and on the salt, so check out the first gallery below and use the link to see our other galleries as well.

Unfortunately, rain came in and flooded the salt so Speed Week was officially canceled. We do have some cool photos from the Nuggett show and also from Friday on the salt before the rain started.



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