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BangShift.com Best Bench Grinder? Let’s Settle This! Harbor Freight Bauer vs JET, Hercules, Rikon, Shop Fox, Delta


Shop tools can be so hard to shop for sometimes, and that’s because there are so many options available! I know that sounds funny, but sometimes having so many options can make it hard to make a buying decision. With so many price points and so many brands, who knows what is actually good for your shop? Specs can only tell so much.

Thankfully the Project Farm YouTube channel has a new bench grinder test video out and that means you can see a bunch of them battle it out head to head to see what makes them good or bad. With this kind of testing you can decide which one is worth your heard earned money.

Check it out.

Video Description:

Bench Grinders: JET, Shop Fox, Rikon, Delta, SKIL, Hercules, Bauer, Performance Tool, WEN. Bench grinders tested for the amount of time for the grinder to reach full operating speed, wheel stop speed, electric motor torque, electric motor temperature after 15 minutes of intense use, electric motor watts under load, grinder weight, abrasive wheel quality and subjective build quality rating. I bought all of the bench grinders and all the equipment and supplies used to test the bench grinders to ensure an unbiased review. So, thank you for supporting the channel.


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