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BangShift.com ABANDONED 1979 Chevy LUV Gets A BUDGET FRIENDLY Makeover From Puddin’s Fab Shop!

I would drive this little LUV truck every day! There, I said it. A cool little mini truck, whether it’s a LUV, an S10, a Courier, or whatever is a handy little parts truck that can be great to daily drive. They typically get decent mileage, are comfy enough, and if you set it up right like this one here it has the hot rod vibe that we all dig. This thing isn’t too low for most folks, can still haul whatever stuff you need to on an average day, and makes you look cool when rocking it around town.

What do you think? Does this make you want to find a mini truck to make into your parts chaser and cruiser?

Video Description:

Previously we purchased this rig and got it running. I gave “LUV TAP” to my buddy Slick and we’ve been fixing on it here or there. This week we decided to spruce her up a little and do a little more fixin’ on it.

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