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BangShift.com 427 FE High Riser Crank Out 670hp On The Dyno

Watch This 427 FE High Riser Crank Out 670hp On The Dyno – This Thing Sounds Grand!

Watch This 427 FE High Riser Crank Out 670hp On The Dyno – This Thing Sounds Grand!

We’ve told you about the 427 FE high riser engine a bunch here at BangShift over the years. One of the meanest versions of the venerable engine, it powered Ford to make race wins on circle tracks and the high riser is still a force to be reckoned with on the drag strip. In this video from Survival Motorsports we see a Barry Rabotnik built high riser crank out 670hp on the dyno. The stats of the engine were not published with the video so we do not know stuff like displacement, compression ratio, or camshaft specs, but we do know from the video’s title that the sucker makes nearly 700hp. This engine in a stick shifted, light drag car would be pretty brutal and awesome.

High riser heads are factory parts insomuch as they were made and sold by Ford but they were never installed on factory mass produced cars. These were race car heads, plain and simple and they carried a factory part number because they had to for racing in the series and classes that they were designed to be used in.

The heads were so named because they carried the tallest intake ports of any FE heads. The dimensions of the intake ports are 2.72 x 1.34″. The heads also contained larger valves measuring 2.195 and 1.73″ respectively. They were obviously there to handle the increased air volume from the larger ports. Because of the head design a unique intake manifold was needed. No factory intake fits high riser heads except for the dedicated high riser pieces developed specifically for them. The idea in stretching the port and making the intake taller was to get a better entry angle for air and fuel into the combustion chamber. It worked as demonstrated by the power numbers in this video.

This is a really cool piece and you get to hear it make a couple of rips on the dyno. A low RPM pull or two and then a couple of romper stompers.

Press play below to see this 427 FE High Riser crank out 670hp on the dyno –


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