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Aries to Leo: Know which musical instruments can best be mastered by zodiac fire signs

If you’ve ever gazed at Yanni awestruck as his fingers danced over the keys of a piano, or been amazed by Ustad Zakir Hussain playing the tabla; then it would be safe to guess that you love music.  While most of us are enchanted by maestros and their inimitable style of playing each instrument, each of us too has had our own hopes and dreams of making it big. Well, if you are a zodiac fire sign, then here are some music instruments that you can hope to master beautifully.


The dynamic nature of this fire sign makes this percussion instrument ideal for Aries. Not only is Aries deeply rooted with Indian culture, but they also have a deep appreciation for classical music. Therefore, they would love to highlight their prowess with an instrument like Jal Tarang that is uniquely desi. Whenever they are in a bad mood or a hit by their fiery temper, they use music therapy to cool their heels and soothe their soul.


Learning to become a fantastic drummer is not everyone’s cup of tea. It not only requires a great deal of eye-hand coordination, but it requires you to multitask over the five drums to strike the perfect melody. Capricorn excels at tackling multiple projects at the same time when it comes to their work life and they can bring this skill to mastering this musical instrument and the cymbals that go with it.

capricorn zodiac sign


The soulful sound of jazz is best brought out by the passionate lion in each Leo who loves to improvise on the melodies once they master this single-reed saxophone. This Zodiac sign has a deep commitment to their health. They often are some of the fittest fire signs, which helps them have the lung capacity necessary to play the saxophone for extended periods without feeling winded.

leo fire sign

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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