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Are Irina Shayk and Gerard Piqué dating amid Shakira breakup drama? Here are all the details to know


Amidst all of Shakira’s break-up drama, Gerard Piqué was photographed with Victoria’s Secret Model Irina Shayk on Thursday as they looked cozy with each other. The former soccer star had his arms wrapped around the model as they posed for the picture. Shayk looked as chic as always in an all-black ensemble with statement silver earrings while Piqué was donning a casual hoodie and black pants. This photograph was taken during an NBA game in France. The pair kept things casual as they watched the game between the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons. However, no official statement has been made by the representatives of Gerard and Irina.

Shakira separated from Gerard Piqué in June 2022 after about a decade-long relationship while Irina Shayk was in a four-year-long relationship with Bradley Cooper before they broke up in 2019. There are rumors that Shayk wants to get together with Cooper and work on their relationship. The Victoria’s Secret model was also briefly linked to Kanye West in 2021.

Irina Shayk

According to Page Six, many other celebrities were in attendance to watch the game at the Accor Arena Bercy in Paris, including Naomi Campbell, Pharrell, Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasley, and more.

This news broke out only days after rumored reports which claimed that Shakira found out about the alleged infidelity of Piqué because of the jam jar. The separation of long-standing couple Shakira and Gerard Piqué was wrapped up in November last year, however both the exes still seem to be at odds with each other.

Details of Shakira and Piqué breakup drama

1. Shakira and Gerard Piqué separation

Shakira first met Gerard while on the set of the music video Waka Waka and they announced their relationship through a Facebook post in 2011. The couple announced their split in a joint statement in June 2022. The separated couple maintained the well-being of their two children as their first priority and asked for privacy from the people.

The reports have been going around that Gerard Piqué cheated on Shakira with Clara Chia Marti, a 23 year old student who also works in the same office as Gerard. Their separation has become increasingly messy with the private lives of ex couples being spilled open in public.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué

2. Shakira’s Te Felicito music video

The latest music video, Te Felicito makes reference to how Shakira found out about Piqué’s alleged infidelity by opening up the kitchen appliance. In the music video, she opens up a fridge and found Alejandro’s head served on a plate. This has been taken as a subtle reference to Shakira finding out about cheating through strawberry jam.

In an interview with Elle, Shakira opened up about her separation from Gerard Pique and how it affected their kids. She mentioned that being in the public eye and this separtion not being regular has made it difficult for both herself as well as the kids. Shakira was also disappointed with how the media has turned their relationship into such a vulgarized version.

3. Reference to jam

It might sound bizarre, but rumors have been making the rounds that Shakira found out about Gerard Piqué’s cheating through the jam in the refrigerator. After returning from her trip, when Shakira opened their family fridge she found out that someone had been eating her strawberry jam as she had been away traveling. Shakira knew that neither Gerard nor her sons liked strawberry jam, so someone had been inside their homes while being comfortable enough to eat food from her fridge while she was traveling.

4. Gerard Piqué’s response to the diss track

Shakira’s newly released Te Felicito music video tends to be just the tip of the iceberg in their messy separation. Reports have also gone viral that since Piqué mother has been a neighbor, the Waka Waka singer also took at Gerard’s mother as she was blasting the song Out of Your League at full volume while a large witch doll was also spotted lurking on Shakira’s balcony which was pointed towards her ex’s mother home.

Days after these digs from Shakira, Gerard responded to the diss track BZRP Music Session #53 by showing up in his office in a Twingo while also wearing a Casio watch. This appears to be in direct reference to the lyrics of the Shakira’s diss track about trading Ferrari for a Twingo and Rolex for a Casio.

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