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Aquarius to Libra, See Zodiac air signs and offbeat adventure sports that suit them best

There are those of us who like to play it safe all throughout life. And then there are others who take risks at every opportunity they get in the hopes of having a gamble and winning a thrilling experience. This is for exactly why certain Zodiac signs have rather tendency to seek out adventure wherever they go. So, indulging in relatively safe adventure sports is like a prescription of happiness for these Zodiac air signs. Take look at the star signs and the bone-chilling sports that fit them best.


Aquarius is a star sign that’s often considered changeable and undependable in relationships. But this is mainly because they have a very strong sense of independence and love to spend their time with solo traveling and indulging in activities they enjoy doing alone. Being lonely is never a concern for this air sign. They are thrill seekers who would enjoy the exhilarating sport of downhill mountain biking immensely.

aquarius air sign


There was never a zodiac sign as hardworking as Libra. This air signs believes in rewards that come after putting in a great deal of efforts. This philosophy guides them and shapes their view of a majority of things they do in their life. So, when it comes to adventure sports, they avoid activities like skydiving and zorbing for they prefer testing their limits with something like ice climbing. Libra is a determined sign that takes great pleasure in ice climbing as a solitary activity.

libra air sign


Gemini are people who struggle with self-worth. This air sign may seem confident and genial but they often question whether they deserve happiness in life. This leads them to cause destruction on their seemingly perfect life to make it more realistic when they have been having a spate of good days. Switching off their overthinking and self-sabotaging mind with a sport like cliff jumping will suit them well.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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