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Anne Heche’s ex-husband Coley Laffoon shares emotional tribute for late actress: She was brave and fearless

After Anne Heche passed away at the age of 53 on Friday, her loved ones are remembering the actress. Heche’s ex-husband Coleman “Coley” Laffoon took to Instagram to honour the actress in a teary and emotional tribute. Coley addressed his loss in a video as he gave the late Emmy-winner’s fans some updates on the family and their situation.

Heche was pronounced brain dead on Friday and was being kept alive on life support as she had always hoped to donate her organs if something had happened to her. Laffoon also gave an update on how their 20-year-old son Homer Laffoon is coping with the loss. He said in the clip, “I loved her and I miss her, and I’m always going to.” He went on to add, “Homer is okay. He’s grieving, of course, and it’s rough. It’s really rough, as probably anybody can imagine. But he’s surrounded by family and he’s strong, and he’s gonna be okay.”

Meanwhile, Laffoon, who was married to Heche from 2001 to 2009, also thanked fans for their incredible support, “Your check-in, showing us your heart, offering prayers and everything, it’s so beautiful.” He continued, “Thank you. It’s hard for me, it’s hard for my family, it’s really hard for Homer, but we got each other and we have a lot of support. And we’re gonna be okay,” per People.

Laffoon shared his thoughts on Heche, “I like to think she’s free, free from pain and enjoying or experiencing whatever is next in her journey. She came in hot and she had a lot to say. She was brave and fearless, loved really hard and was never afraid to let us know what she thinks and what she believed in.” Lastly, he added, “It was always love, it was all about love. So, goodbye Anne. Love you, thank you. Thank you for all the good times, there were so many. See you on the other side, and in the meantime, I got our son. He’ll be fine. Love you.”

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