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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Fight ABC on ‘GMA3’ Suspension: “There’s A Lot of Finger-Pointing”


The saga continues! Suspended GMA3 anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes reportedly met with ABC earlier this week for a mediation session that’s expected to continue into the following days.

A Page Six insider alleged that the mediation “could be a couple of days of back and forth,” but don’t expect an abundance of information to be released in the meantime. Due to the amount of leaks that have been coming from ABC’s past correspondence with the dethroned anchors, the network is being very secretive about the results of their internal review.

“No one is sharing any information because they’re afraid of people leaking,” another source shared. However, the first source referred to a recent report from TMZ containing details about the mediation earlier this week, suggesting that the information is coming from “inside the house.” They suspected, “Only [direct people involved] would know those kinds of details.”

Page Six also reported that the correspondence between the parties, thus far has involved “a lot of finger-pointing” and accusations.

TMZ broke the news that Robach and Holmes will participate in a mediation session with the network earlier this week. Their source suspected that the meeting will be “contentious” and “will most certainly involve race.” They also stated that ABC doesn’t want Robach and Holmes “back together on the same set,” explaining that ABC has not decided whether they want to get rid of both hosts or one.

In addition to the lunchtime talk show GMA3: What You Need to Know, Robach is also a co-anchor for ABC’s 20/20 alongside David Muir – which might put her in the lead with the network.

It’s not looking like Holmes is in the network’s good graces since he has faced multiple affair allegations after his relationship with Robach was exposed in November 2022. He has also allegedly had affairs with an ABC producer and an ABC intern.

A source also claimed to TMZ that the news anchors are “coming to the mediation as a united front,” and that their lawyers, Andrew Brettler and Eric George, will be in attendance via Zoom. The news followed allegations that the two anchors were seeking legal action against the network due to their prolonged suspension.

It was reported last week that ABC is not currently seeking permanent replacements for Robach and Holmes, despite rumors that fill-in DeMarco Morgan would be a replacement for Holmes. Since Robach and Holmes were taken off air from GMA3, the show has seen a variety of temporary anchors occupy the news desk alongside regular host Dr. Jennifer Ashton, including Morgan, Rhiannon Ally, Stephanie Ramos and Gio Benitez.


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