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Amid Sheri Easterling and Yung Gravy’s VMAs date, daughter Addison Rae ‘mortified’ by ongoing family drama?

Addison Rae‘s mom Sheri Easterling recently made an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards alongside rapper Yung Gravy and the duo was seen packing on the PDA on the red carpet. Following the same, Rae’s father Monty Lopez mentioned in his Instagram story that he was “unbothered” by Sheri’s recent appearance. As per Page Six, amid all this family drama, TikTok star Addison has been going through a tough time.

A source speaking to Page Six said, “Addison has seen her parents go through a lot of ups and downs over the years, but everything going on right now has been particularly overwhelming for her.” The source also mentioned that she is  “mortified” by recent headlines about her parents. The family’s ongoing drama came to light first when Page Six reported about  Lopez allegedly having a five-month affair with a 25-year-old woman named Renée Ash earlier this year.

While Monty had claimed that he was separated from Sheri during the time of his alleged affair with Ash, the latter has stated that he misled her about his marriage and claimed that he lied to her. After reports of her father’s cheating allegations made the headlines, Addison reportedly unfollowed him on social media. The TikToker later also unfollowed her mom. 

Rae who boasts of 90 million followers on TikTok previously admitted on Twitter in July that she was “struggling” however she did not mention details about the situation and whether it was because of family matters following Lopez’s scandal. broke out. 

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