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Additional $39M Worth BTC and Cryptos of Do Kwon Freezed

  • More cases filed against Terra founder Do Kwon and he denies such allegations.
  • BTC and crypto assets worth $39 million frozen.

With the entire empire completely crumbling down, continuous reports and cases have been filed against the Terra founder Do Kwon. The downfall of the LUNA, and UST has completely devastated the entire crypto ecosystem in other words. 

As a result, numerous charges have been filed towards arresting Do Kwon, and several of his subordinates. On the other hand, as a last strike, the International Crime Police Organization (Interpol) has issued a red card for Do Kwon. 

In such cases, the South Korean prosecutors have once again frozen crypto assets, including Bitcoin (BTC) worth $39 million of Do Kwon. Accordingly, this counts to their third in freezing crypto assets of Do Kwon. The very first was previously made with the freeze amounting to about 56.62 Billion Won. The next second freeze was on 27th September, 2022 which amounted to 38.82 Billion Won. 

All such attempts were taken in pretext of preventing Do Kwon from transferring his crypto assets worth 95 Billion Won. Moreover, it’s been spread out that the crypto assets of Do Kwon which are into two different exchanges. These are said to be the KuCoin Exchange, and the OKEx exchange.  

Also, during the time of the tragic downfall of the LUNA & UST, Do Kwon repeatedly attempted to transfer his crypto assets, including BTC to other two exchanges abroad. In addition, Do Kwon and his five other subordinates also transferred 3313 BTC to OKEx and KuCoin exchanges around the first week of September, 2022.   

Denial By Do Kwon

However as soon as the information surfaced on Twitter, Do Kwon immediately took onto Twitter, tweeting that such allegations were not true. 

Do Kwon thrashed replying that what such accusers are going to get by falsely blaming him. Besides, he also acknowledges that he doesn’t have any account on the exchange platforms such as KuCoin and OKEx. 

Moreover, he mocked that he wonders whose account the South Korean prosecutors have froze, and further continuing that to the least the prosecutors will use this freezed crypto and BTC assets for some useful purposes.

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