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Accelerator Program For Dapps Creation on its AI Layer 1 Ecosystem Announced by Oraichain

The “Oraichain for DApps Accelerator Program” was recently introduced by Oraichain, the first global AI Layer 1 for Data Economy and Oracle Services, with the stated goal of facilitating rapid growth inside the network’s cutting-edge AI Layer 1 infrastructure. Oraichain Mainnet 2.0 (also known as AI Layer 1) is the target of this initiative, which is designed to help ambitious developers create decentralized apps that make use of the network’s extensive data and AI modular library.

The recent Oraichain Hackathon 2022’s overwhelming success demonstrated that Oraichain’s infrastructure is ready to handle a wide variety of dApps looking to make use of its blockchain-based AI technology. This has led to the creation of the Oraichain for DApps Accelerator Program, which aims to help startups and developers create AI-powered DApps on top of Oraichain’s high-throughput, interoperable, and secure AI Layer 1.

Those projects who are selected for the program will have a great opportunity to get access to Oraichain’s talent pool and technical experience, as well as other forms of assistance. In the meanwhile, the Oraichain advisory board will provide advice on improving technological aspects, creating effective business models, and planning future moves. In addition, Oraichain will connect chosen DApp developers to its vast ecosystem of relevant partners, where they may discover chances for development assistance.

Any AI or blockchain development team that wants to leverage Oraichain’s infrastructure and ecosystem, or enhance it with new modules, is welcome to apply to the program. Applicants should work on boosting Oraichain’s reputation as a leader in the decentralized application (dApp) space and improving the infrastructure ecosystem’s overall usefulness.

There will be three stages of vetting for the applicants. The first stage, lasting about a month, is dedicated to analyzing and evaluating the viability of their proposals, as well as their potential for significant positive social effect. In phase two, project supporters will meet in person with Oraichain’s advisory board to present and fine-tune their implementation strategy. Phase three, for those who make the cut, is all about carrying out the plan, and it might span anywhere from a month to three years. Teams will now undertake the rigorous process of bringing their dApps to existence. Oraichain will keep a careful eye on the project’s growth and progress throughout this time.

As of this writing, Oraichain has accepted four projects into its Oraichain for DApps Accelerator Program. This includes three of the finalists from the Oraichain Hackathon 2022 plus another team from the United States. Oraichain’s AI infrastructure will be used by a Cosmos-based financing platform, a healthcare data platform with a focus on privacy, and an asset tokenization platform.

The Oraichain for DApps Accelerator Program welcomes developers to submit applications using this form. Their written proposal should include the project’s goals and value, its planned usage of the Oraichain ecosystem, the resources it needs from the Oraichain network, and its projected timeline.

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