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Aasif Sheikh reveals Bhabi Ji Ghar Pe Hai’s Deepesh Bhan died of brain hemorrhage: Blood was coming out of…

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai actor Deepesh Bhan, aged 41, passed away on Saturday morning while playing cricket. The actor played the character of Malkhan on the show since its inception. His co-star and veteran actor Aasif Sheikh revealed to Hindustan Times that Deepesh suffered a brain hemorrhage. Bhan was supposed to shoot for the show much loved comedy show. He went to the gym at around seven in the morning and stopped to play cricket in his building’s compound at Dahisar.

Aasif Sheikh said, “He bowled an over, got down to get the ball, got up, swayed for a while and fell down. He never got up. There was blood coming out of his eyes and it was a clear sign of brain haemorrhage. The doctor said that it was certainly brain haemorrhage.” Aasif deduced that Deepesh may not have eaten anything in the morning and then while playing cricket, he ran and the blood pressure rose. He immediately fell down. He suggested that one should slow down a little bit and not exert oneself too much after the age of 40.

The hospital where Bhan was rushed to, was hardly five minutes away from his residence, but he was announced dead on arrival. The entire cast and crew visited Bhan’s residence in the afternoon. Sheikh reveals that he couldn’t come to terms with this tragic news and added that Bhan had blood pressure issues but when they did a full body checkup a few days ago, it seemed all fine. He concluded saying, “He was such a hyperactive boy. He always used to make reels on set. I don’t know how we will work now. It’s going to be a tough time for all of us.”

Meanwhile, Bhan married in 2019 and has a one and a half year old son. May his wife and son, get the strength to deal with this tragic loss.

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