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7 Best moisturisers for men that are super hydrating and lightweight on the skin

Face moisturisers are one of the easiest ways to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.  Men’s faces do require frequent hydration to make them look supple and fresh.  Exercising a focused grooming routine is a sign of self-respect and we bring to you 7 best moisturisers for men from Amazon that are a must-have in every man’s vanity box. The best men’s moisturisers for dry skin are here to help with formulas to relieve tightness, cracks, flakes and premature signs of age.

Here are 7 best moisturisers for men:

Whether you’re the outdoorsy type or working at an office, face moisturisers should be part of your daily routine. Scroll on to find the best 7 from Amazon.

1. Hygieia Skin Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturiser

This anti-ageing face moisturiser for women and men has been engineered to help combat the effects of age. It contains liposomes that assist the hyaluronic acid to stimulate dermal rejuvenation on a cellular level. It features calming safflower oil as well as grapefruit seed extract to naturally tone and balance.


Price: $ 53.99

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2. a.g.e. stop Swiss Stem Cell Plasma

Formulated with a blend of powerful swiss bio plant stem cells, this moisturiser for men is carefully mixed to help improve the production of extracellular matrix components such as collagen and elastin, promoting skin renewal and increased elasticity.


Price: $ 95

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3. Men’s Organic Moisturising Serum

This is a lightweight facial serum clinically proven to work on all skin types.  It helps skin look tighter and smoother while reducing the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. Formulated with organic ingredients to hydrate, nourish and restore the skin, this multifunctional face oil helps combat the effects of ageing.


Price: $ 87.30

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4. Perricone MD Vitamin C Moisturiser

This patented Vitamin C Ester moisturiser provides supercharged brightening and smoothing benefits with less irritation than traditional vitamin C. It’s an oil-free moisturiser that visibly brightens, tightens and reduces the appearance of dark spots. This face moisturiser with SPF also protects against environmental aggressors.


Price: $ 56.25

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5. Makari Face Moisturiser

Experience the joys of hydrated and firmer skin with Makari ultimate intense blue crystal vitality face moisturiser. It has a nourishing blend that delivers a direct boost of hydration to your skin. You can enjoy a more even-toned complexion with regular use. 


Price: $ 59.99

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6. Anthony All-Purpose Facial Moisturiser 

With Vitamins A, E, and C, this moisturiser provides healthy antioxidants for defence against sun and pollution damage that leads to wrinkles, redness and dark spots. It also has lactic acid that repairs skin tone and wheat protein helps smooth and tighten skin.


Price: $ 82.00

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7. NassifMD Men’s Moisturiser

The moisturiser is blended especially for men to hydrate, balance, energise the skin and help reduce signs of ageing. It provides an instant skin-smoothing comfort, brighter and more even complexion, boosts the skin barrier function, and helps combat the signs of skin ageing.


Price: $ 61.00

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These moisturisers for men are from branded skincare companies that does what it claims. Although any facial moisturiser is probably better than no moisturiser, some certainly work better than others. You need to choose a face moisturiser that fits your daily routine. Grab the best from our above-mentioned list.

Disclaimer: The article contains sponsored links. The content is created by Pinkvilla.


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