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6 PICS of loved-up Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez through the years

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Happy Birthday Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s 53rd birthday is no less than a rebirth. A few weeks back she tied the knot with her prince charming and made a vow to uphold their forever. After two decades of waiting, Jennifer Lopez finally got married to Ben Affleck her 2000s darling. At the beginning of the 21st century, the couple was all the buzz, they were loved by the tabloid and the public had claimed them as their own, rooting for their happy life together. But this unwanted attention ended up damaging their relationship as Bennifer soon broke off their engagement in 2004. Now in 2022, the couple is married and Lopez has officially taken Affleck’s last name as her own. Scroll down further to go through Bennifer’s evolution through the years.

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