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5 Voguish looks of Kanishka Soni- the actress who married herself

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Voguish looks of Kanishka Soni

Voguish looks of Kanishka Soni

Kanishka Soni is known for playing roles in popular television shows Pavitra Rishta and Diya Aur Bati Hum. She left her fans bewildered after she announced that she’s marrying herself. In an Instagram post, Kanishka announced self-marriage and shared pictures flaunting a mangalsutra and sindoor. She faced a lot of backlash on her Instagram post and people sent her hate messages. On Thursday, she shared a video message slamming the trolls and gave them a befitting reply. The actress is also quite popular for her fashionable looks. Here are some impressive looks of the actress.

Photo Credit : Kanishka Soni instagram

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