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5 things to know about Queen Aemma Arryn of House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon had a record-breaking premiere on HBO Max last week. Fans couldn’t be more thrilled for the rest of the Game of Thrones plot to unfold as the long-awaited prequel made its television debut. Fans are debating whether or not the first episode of The House of the Dragon was superior to Game of Thrones since it delivered on all the creators’ promises of violence, drama, and love.

We discover that King Viserys is frantically trying to conceive a son so he can designate him as the heir to the throne in the very first episode. After several disheartening pregnancies with his wife, Queen Aemma Arryn, he is persuaded that his heir will undoubtedly be born thanks to a prophetic dream that he had that was more genuine than a recollection. 


For the remainder of their lives in the House of the Dragon, the King and his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, will carry a heavy burden from the terrible and heartbreaking death of Queen Aemma Arryn while giving birth to Prince Baelon Targaryen.

House of the Dragon’s Queen Aemma Arryn:

1. Met the same fate as her mother


Lord Rodrik Arryn of Eyrie and Princess Daella Targaryen gave birth to Queen Aemma Arryn. Lord Arryn’s second wife, Princess Daella, gladly took in his four children from his first marriage. Princess Daella learned that she was carrying Lord Arryn’s child in the year 82 AC, which was an additional year and a half later. Princess Aemma Arryn was born soon after.

Queen Aemma experienced difficult pregnancies, much like her mother did. When Aemma was born, her mother resorted to sleeping in bed and had severe childbed fever. She only became worse, and at the age of eighteen, not long after giving birth to a healthy kid, she passed away.

2. Lost a son before Prince Baelon


The House of the Dragon pilot episode has sparked a conversation about childbirth’s obstacles and difficulties. During the show, Queen Aemma is overheard telling Princess Rhaenyra that she had many miscarriages and difficult pregnancies because she felt it was her responsibility to provide an heir to the throne. Prince Baelon Targaryen was not, however, the first son she gave birth to in 105 AC. AAmmagave birth to a son before Rhaenyra Targaryen, but he died in the cradle. She endured the agony of losing a son before ultimately passing away while giving birth to another son in the House of the Dragon.

3. She is half Targaryen


In both the world of House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones, the Targaryens have distinctive characteristics. Their thick, silvery hair is a definite indication of their Dragon heritage. Because she was a half-Targaryen on her mother’s line, Queen Aemma possessed silver hair as other Targaryens did. Although it is customary for the Dragon family to wed among themselves to protect their bloodline, Aemma’s mother, Princess Daella, did not care for her brother, Prince Vaegon, and instead wed Lord Arryn of the Eyrie.

4. Granddaughter of the longest reigning Targaryen King


King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his sister-wife, Alysanne Targaryen, were the grandparents of Queen Aemma. The best Targaryen king Westeros had ever known was Jaeharys I, who governed the Seven Kingdoms for 60 years. He and his sister-wife were quite concerned about Princess Daella, the mother of Queen Aemma, being married. Prince Vaegon, who shared Daella’s dislike of her, was another person she could not stand. As a result, Princess Daella chose Lord Arryn after meeting a large number of possible suitors because she thought he was nice and wise like her own father.

5. Married her cousin


The royal dynasty of Queen Aemma Arryn resides at The Eyrie, a large castle with a moon door in the Arryn Valley. She married Prince Viserys I, her first cousin, who following the death of King Jaehaerys became the ruler of Westeros because she was herself half-Targaryen. Princess Rhaenyra, who in House of the Dragon was finally designated as the heir to the Iron Throne, the most powerful seat in Westeros, was born to her in good health.

The Targaryen Civil War, often known as the Dance of the Dragons, is the subject of the television series, which is based on George RR Martin’s book Fire and Blood. The program will explore how the most powerful family in all of Westeros battled for the Iron Throne roughly 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

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