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5 South heroes whose commendable transformation as a woman stole the show

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South stalwarts whose transformation into a woman

South stalwarts whose transformation into a woman

The South film industry keeps on exploring various topics to keep things interesting for the audience. One thing which always manages to tickle the funny bones is seeing our macho heroes portraying a woman. One of the biggest examples of this is Kamal Haasan’s Chachi 420, which narrates the tale of a doting father, who turns into an old woman to be closer to his daughter.

Not just him, but down the road, many actors have gone the same way including Sivakarthikeyan in Remo, Manchu Manoj in Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda, Vikram in Kanthaswamy and Dileep in Mayamohini. Each time the actors perfectly nailed the role of a female. From the looks to the voice, to the body language, everything is praiseworthy. On this note, let us take a closer look at the projects where our leading men turned into a woman.

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