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5 Places to visit in Chakrata for a mesmerizing holiday

Located at an altitude of 2118 meters above sea level, Chakrata is a mystical offbeat hilly town that is situated in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Surrounded by lofty hills, clear waterfalls and unparalleled terrains- the spectacular beauty of this place will leave you mesmerized while giving you a perfect escape from all the chaos and drama of mundane city lights. Right from profound caves to pristine temples- the places gather multiple places that can delight your soul. Relax in the lap of untapped nature by exploring these 5 places when in Chakrata.

1. Tiger Falls

Known as one of the giant waterfalls in India that has a height of 312 feet, you can reach tiger falls by doing a small trek. Enclosed by scenic woody deodars, lush beauty and tall mountains, dive yourself into the beautiful views by tapping into the crystal clear water. You can carry your snacks to this place and enjoy a family picnic amid natural beauty.

Tiger Falls

2. Chilmiri Neck

Also known as the tallest peak in Chakrata, Chilmiri neck will provide you with stunning views that are extremely peaceful. The place is surrounded by vibrant green deodar woods and is a perfect vacation spot to escape during summers as this place is slightly colder. You can witness magnificent views of the Himalayan range from this peak including the sights of Bandarpoonch, Rohini and Swarg peaks. Several species of migratory birds are also found at this place that will enhance your overall experience.

3. Deoban

The literal translation of the word Deo is Deodar trees and ban is forest. Located at a distance of 13 km away from the central market of Chakrata, Deoban is an exquisite place that provides shelters to multiple birds including himalayan woodpeckers, white collared blackbirds and Green Backed tit. Its beautiful forest trails are well-known for treks and its untouched beauty will leave you speechless. Also known as the God’s Own Forest, its calming environment will make you regain inner peace like nothing else.


4. Budher Caves

Situated at a distance of 30kms, Budher caves will provide you with adrenaline rushes as these 150km long caves are profound and treacherous. Formulated of limestone rock, the place is a famous spelunking spot amongst tourists.

Budher Caves

5. Koti-Kanasar

This beautiful spot is perfect for lovebirds or doing picnics. Koti-kanasar is a packed town that has few houses and is bounded by a deep green forest. The grazing land of this place appeals to visitors and the place is ideal for a short day trip. The place holds Asia’s largest Deodar tree which clenches a circumference of 6.35 meters.

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