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5 lesser-known facts about Cobra Kai fame Miguel Diaz

The 2018 television program Cobra Kai is a continuation of the well-liked movie franchise The Karate Kid. The fifth season of the well-liked comedy-drama with a martial arts theme will debut on Netflix on Friday, 9 September 2022. There have been four seasons so far.

Cobra Kai was originally broadcast on YouTube Red, but in June 2022, Netflix bought the show, bringing it to a far wider worldwide audience.

In the program, Miguel Diaz is a significant character. One of the most notable characters on the program is the result of his rivalry with Robby Keene, his unpredictable friendship with Sam, and his attachment to Johnny.

On that point, let’s look at five things about Miguel Diaz of Cobra Kai that you probably didn’t know.


Things about Miguel Diaz of Cobra Kai that you probably didn’t know:

1. He grew up in a similar way as Robby

Childhood experiences are one of the most crucial elements in explaining Robby and Miguel’s conduct. Both of them had suffered from careless parenting. Miguel’s father was involved in the drug trade, which made his mother move to the United States, whereas Robby’s father went to alcohol after his mother passed away and abandoned his kid.

While Miguel finds a father figure in Johnny, Robby finds one in Daniel. Robby and Miguel’s enmity is fueled by Miguel’s tight friendship with Johnny and is largely the result of their bitterness and fury from childhood.

2. He was initially a fairly innocent teenager


Miguel grows up to be a meek and innocent adolescent who is reared by a single mother. He has asthma. He has poor reflexes. He doesn’t learn to protect himself until he bonds with Johnny and gains fighting skills. Miguel was innocent, yet he was stubborn when it came to making choices.

He uses the same resolve to persuade a wary Johnny to be his tutor so that he can learn his trade. He makes this choice after seeing Johnny battle and recognizes his skills. It’s fascinating to watch him grow from a gullible adolescent to a courageous young man in Cobra Kai.

3. Johnny represents a father figure to him


Despite his doubts, Johnny ends up taking on the role of Miguel’s father. Robby observes Miguel and Johnny becoming close, and their conflict starts. In the same way that Daniel takes on a fatherly role for Robby, Johnny mentors Miguel.

Miguel realizes that Johnny does not choose his biological son Robby over him, despite his initial suspicions to the contrary. However, Johnny does confess to him his regrets, one of which is leaving Robby behind.

4. He struggles to persuade Johnny to train him

Anyone familiar with Johnny’s persona is aware of how challenging he is to deal with. When his mother passed away, he became so consumed with himself that he drowned himself in his sorrow and left his pregnant wife. He long-term neglects his children as well.

Miguel is a resolute individual who does not easily yield, as shown by his friendship with Sam. He tries to convince Johnny till he finally gives in, almost appreciating his tenacity. Miguel excels as a combatant in Cobra Kai in large part due to his persistence.

5. Being bullied compels him to develop his fighting skills


When we first meet Miguel in Cobra Kai, he is a different person. He is innocent and afraid. Kyler is the leader of a group of West Valley High School students that approach Miguel and bully him. They force him into a passing automobile and assault him bodily. Fortunately, the driver of the car saves him and keeps him secure.

He persuades someone like Johnny to teach him how to fight out of animosity over this happened. He simply keeps going because the incident hasn’t left him, and he prefers to be in charge than being a victim. The early bullying in the show is essential to Miguel’s character growth.

The fifth season of The Cobra Kai will debut on Netflix on Friday, September 9, 2022. The role of Miguel is portrayed by Xolo Mariduena, and viewers are interested to watch where he goes in this new season because he is also anticipated to get along with Robby soon.

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