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3.2 Billion Dogecoin (DOGE) Worth $218M Transferred to Robinhood

  • Team shirts of Aliens featured Dogecoin in their most recent matches.
  • The data tracker detected numerous transactions headed for the Robinhood wallet.

3.2 billion DOGE worth approximately $218 million has apparently been transferred to cold storage by Robinhood, according to DogeWhaleAlert. This data monitoring service provides whale warnings for more than four million DOGE transactions.

Cold storage wallets are designed to protect digital assets from loss during market instability since they keep them offline. Investors commonly move their crypto to a cold wallet when they want to store it for an extended period.

Whale Alert

In the previous 24 hours, the data tracker detected numerous transactions headed for the Robinhood wallet. More than $6.7 million in DogeWhaleAlert reported transfers of 100 million DOGE apiece from a Robinhood wallet to another Robinhood wallet.

A total of 10,988,259 DOGE worth $724,269 was moved from several wallets to a top-20 wallet anonymously, according to the latest reports. There were two distinct transfers of 599,999,900 DOGE valued at $40,226,993 from one Robinhood wallet to an unknown wallet totaling 999,999,996 DOGE valued at $66,914,000.

According to DogeWhaleAlert, Robinhood holds a total of 40,138,384,330 DOGE on behalf of its investors, which is worth $2,723,389,377. Furthermore, 30.25 percent of the total supply is represented by this quantity. A total of eight known addresses are used to store these assets in Robinhood’s two wallets, 3334959 and 1699275.

Dogecoin once again stole the stage as two DOGE-backed Aliens basketball team members won midseason accolades. When Bill Lee, the founder and chairman of MyDoge, a self-custody Dogecoin wallet, purchased all 25 fire-tier editions of Aliens, a franchise in the Big3 basketball league, Dogecoin became a member of the Big3. Team shirts of Aliens also featured Dogecoin in their most recent matches.

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