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16 romantic at-home date night ideas for Valentine’s Day 2023


Every day is Valentine’s Day when home with your loved one, right?

While being confined in close quarters with your significant other may not be picture perfect all the time, Valentine’s Day is the time to really reflect on your love and take the day to do something really special.

Instead of a fancy restaurant or an overdone movie outing, opt for a relaxing spa night or an interactive cooking class, showing your bae that there are plenty of romantic things to do in your very own love nest.

Check out the New York Post’s ideas below to create the most romantic date night from home, covering all the bases for the perfect Valentine’s Day itinerary.

Make dinner together

The ultimate labor of love, cooking (and eating) together will only bring you closer this Valentine’s Day. Ditch the frozen pizza and make a meal from scratch using a meal kit, go virtual with a private cooking class or order in from restaurants across the country that hold a special place in your hearts and stomachs.

1. The Chef and The Dish Virtual Cooking Class for Two, prices vary by class

A couple man and woman cook together
The Chef and The Dish

Take a private cooking class that can transport you and your loved one to Spain, Morocco, Italy and beyond with the power of food.

The Chef and The Dish classes are priced for two people, making it a perfect purchase for date night. Choose which type of cuisine you want to learn and a date and time for your meal, and a professional chef will be there the whole time, cooking alongside you (well, on video of course) from all over the world.

2. Order out from famous restaurants across the US with Goldbelly, prices vary

A collage of food, from bagels, cake, cupcakes, and a breakfast spread

Is there a special restaurant or dish that brings you and your lover right back to a memorable date night from Valentine’s Days past?

Don’t let distance or the pandemic stop you from digging into favorite dishes, when you can order them right to your home with Goldbelly. Find your favorites, or browse their Valentine’s specific meals and desserts to make a beautiful and nostalgic spread to eat together.

3. Take a MasterClass Mixology lesson with the pros, $15/month

A woman in red behind a bar making drinks

Every Valentine’s Day dinner needs drinks to go with. Spend some time together by learning a new skill — mixology. Be your own bartenders while watching the professionals, Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana, as they teach you to make everything from a classic mojito to a sexy martini.

Get creative with DIY crafts and activities

There’s nothing like working with your hands to create something you’ll cherish long after Valentine’s Day. Check out some crafts to commemorate your love.

1. Date Night In A Box with Cratejoy, starting at $42

A date night subscription box

Order a date night in a box this Valentine’s Day for a surprise themed date with none of the effort it takes to plan.

This subscription box from Cratejoy is a bestseller, and for good reason. The Date Night In Box follows a new theme each month, from a wine tasting night to a Vegas-themed game night. The kit contains everything you’ll need for the evening, including several interactive activities, accessories, snacks or mixers, chef-curated dinner menus and more surprises inside.

2. Design and put together a photo puzzle from Shutterfly , starting at $25

A photo puzzle
Mimeo Photo

Celebrate a piece of your heart by putting together a photo puzzle that features your favorite photo as a couple from Shutterfly

A photo puzzle is the perfect way to spend time together putting it together, and then either take it apart to do again next year, or frame it to double as artwork for your home.

3. Hunt A Killer – Death at The Dive Bar, Immersive Murder Mystery Game, $27, original price: $32

A board game

Forget an escape room. Instead, solve a mystery together from your house.

This bestselling murder mystery game is a fun way to add some thrills to your date night, with options for a dive bar setting or a boardwalk scenario.

Have a spa day together from home

Take the day to rest, recoup and indulge in each other’s company with a spa day from home. Check out some home spa must-haves, as well as additions that make your bathroom feel like a day spa in a snap.

1. HoMedics Bubble Bliss Deluxe Foot Spa, $30

A pink foot bubble bath

Relax from head to the very tips of your tired toes with this home foot spa from HoMedics.

“The invigorating bubble action relaxes and soothes tired feet, while the helpful heat maintenance feature keeps the water warm for the entire duration of your session. The integrated splash guard prevents messy spills to clean up afterward, as you slowly move your feet across the raised nodes on the bottom of the foot spa for an extra-relaxing sensation,” reads the product page.

The pink foot spa fits in most every bathroom, is easy to fill and use next to your partner, or buy two for the ultimate couple’s home spa night.

2. Couples Luxury Double Bath Spa Gift Basket, $65

a spa gift basket

This basket has it all for the couple who wants to spend the day in nothing but a fuzzy slippers and each other’s company.

The spa kit comes with shower gel, bubble bath, shampoo, body lotion, body cream, body scrub, bath crystals, bath bombs, bath soap and bath caviar, plus a scented candle, a face mask, lip balm and more.

3. Rose petals for the bathtub (and then the bedroom) starting at $98 for 3,500

A close up of red rose petals
Global Rose

There is nothing more romantic than a shared bath full of fresh rose petals. Get a whole bunch from Global Rose, and even choose her favorite color from the classic bright red to a mix of yellow and orange roses, pink, white and more.

Turn your house into a home theater for a movie night

If going to a movie or a show was your go-to date night before the pandemic hit, celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, recreating movie magic in your own intimate movie theater.

1. ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector, $426

A white projector

Turn any wall or ceiling in the house into you private theater with this projector from ViewSonic.

Sold on Amazon for an easy delivery right to your door, the projector projects 120 inches from 15-feet 8-inches away, bringing the movie experience home. Play from your favorite devices, streaming from PCs, Macs and mobile devices with input options such as HDMI, VGA, and more. Plug in, sit back and let the movie night begin.

2. The Popcorn Factory Graffiti Hearts 6 1/2 Gallon 4 Flavor Popcorn Tin, $65

A tub of popcorn in a red hearts tin
The Popcorn Factory

No movie is complete without a big tub of popcorn for your hands to brush against each other. Just like in the movies, right?

These Valentine’s Day themed tins are great for mixing and matching flavors, from a classic buttery mix to caramel corn, classic cheese or white cheddar. They range in size from two gallons all the way up to a six-gallon tin, for the popcorn lover in your life.

3. Meiomi Wines Rosé, $20

A pink bottle of rose wine

Wash down your popcorn with an appropriately pink drink.

The rosé from Meiomi wines will transport you straight to its California vineyard, where only the freshest ingredients are used in each bottle. The rosé has notes of watermelon, orange peel and subtle hints of rose petal.

The winery also sells a pinot noir, cabernet, chardonnay and a sparkling option should you want some bubbly as well. Sold on Drizly, it makes it all the easier to be delivered straight to your home theater’s door.

4. MeUndies Valentine’s Collection matching couples underwear, prices vary

A matching underwear set with lip print underwear

The one thing that makes watching a movie better at home than in a theater? Not having to put on pants to participate.

Cuddle up next to your date in a set of matching underwear or loungewear, from MeUndies. They have a series of super fun patterns and styles, from the lips pictured above to a Marvel collection perfect for a superhero loving couple streaming a Marvel marathon. Undies come in a variety of styles and cuts too, from boxers and briefs to boyshorts and thongs.

Have a game night and show your competitive side

1. Monogamy Game: A Hot Affair for Couples Adult Board Game, $39.99

A Monogamy board game for couples

This is not for family game night. Kick the kids out for this one, and then get out your Monogamy Game board for a night of sexy fun and surprises. The game comes with many different decks of action cards, where you could end up in an intimate position or sharing a romantic memory.

2. The Ultimate Game for Couples, $25

A pink card game for couples

This Amazon Choice product is a home run for date night with your partner or even for a couples date with other perfect matches, as there are knowledge questions in the deck to see who really knows their lover the best. There are also funny challenge cards, meaningful questions and more in the 200-card deck, making game night last all night long.

3. The Adventure Challenge … in bed, $50

A black book
The Adventure Challenge

Have a full on adventure right from your bed with this sexy edition of The Adventure Challenge.

The scratch-off board game is a great way to add some spice to the bedroom and get to know your partner better, all while being competitive and learning something new.

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