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11 highlights from Ananya Panday’s rapid fire round

Koffee With Karan 7 is back with yet another brand-new episode this Thursday. Liger actors Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday were the latest guests to grace Karan Johar’s popular chat show. It was indeed a fun episode where the actors discussed several things including their experience in the film industry, trolling, relationships, and more. The actors also had a fun and engaging rapid-fire round. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at 11 highlights from Ananya Panday’s rapid-fire round. 

Ananya’s most desirable man 

When asked who is the most desirable man in Indian Cinema, Ananya named her co-star Vijay Deverakonda. “There’s Hunger Games going on for him. Very desirable,” she said, referring to Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor’s discussion about the actor in their episode. 

Ananya on competing with Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor

KJo asked Ananya if she would step aside if BFFs Shanaya Kapoor, Suhana Khan, and her were in the running for the same role, or rather, would she make them step aside? To this, she replied, “They would get one kick, and I know they would be giving me three kicks back.” She further explained that they would all fight it out in a fair competition. 

Ananya’s regrets in a relationship

What’s the one regrettable thing Ananya has done in a relationship? Ananya promptly replied that she regrets ‘being in the relationship.’

Ananya’s weapon of flirtation

S***ing or photos, Karan asked Ananya’s weapon of flirtation. To this, Ananya replied, that she would not want to choose but would rather like a buffet of choices that she can pick and choose from. She also included the option of video-calling in her list. 

The most hilarious rumour about Chunky Panday

Talking about the most ridiculous rumour Ananya has heard about Chunky, the actress said, “That he paid to get me in to the industry and I think that every one knows that my dad hates to pay for things. So, it’s pretty ridiculous, I would say.”

A scandalous lie and a scandalous truth

When asked to name one scandalous lie and a scandalous truth about herself, Ananya said that she kisses and tells, and that she hates her contemporaries. Well, it’s on the audience to guess which is the truth and which one is the lie. 

The way to Ananya’s bed?

The way to Ananya’s bed, the actress says, is through her sister’s room as their rooms are connected. 

Three things that instantly turn Ananya on?

Veiny arms and hands, really good smells, and buying her butter chicken. She also added that she likes people who are very outward with their feelings. 

Ananya Panday is the happiest when…

By her own admission, Ananya Panday is the happiest when she is in love, and that she is in love quite often. 

The male Bollywood celebrity Ananya would want as a stripper on her bachelorette

Ananya said that she would want both Varun Dhawan and Ranveer Singh. 

Ananya hints at Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani’s relationship

When asked about Kiara Advani’s relationship status, Ananya wittily said, “her raatans her lambiyaan”, referring to the song from Shershaah with rumoured beau Sidharth Malhotra. When KJO’s asked who is her ‘Ranjhaa’, Ananya simply said, “Wake Up, Sid”. 

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